NetSuite ERP for Water Manufacturing & Distribution Companies

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Today’s markets are more challenging than ever. Every Water Manufacturing & Distribution (WMD) company business strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and make use of the best technology, with the aim of delivering the best quality drinking water and ensuring industry best practices are met.

Automation for Water Manufacturing & Distribution Companies

Adopting an automation strategy can deliver substantial and tangible results for any WMD business. The purpose of this article is to introduce KPI’s NetSuite implementation approach in helping water distribution companies succeed and grow – no matter a matured brand or a newly formed business.

The Old Way of Operating: Cumbersome, Limited, And Time-Consuming

WMD companies are constantly looking at ways to improve operations, grow business and stand better against competitors in the market. While this is an important business aspect, the operations are still manual or depend on stand-alone applications for the major chunk of business functions like accounting, inventory and coupon management.

7 Challenges facing Water Manufacturing & Distribution Companies

  • Manual tasks consuming longer time and efforts leading to inefficiency
  • Lack of streamlined operations due to use of multiple applications
  • No visibility and control on inventory (bottles, coolers & other items)
  • No link between various touch-points involved in the supply chain process
  • Mismanagement of processes – especially sales processes: coupon sales, pricing and personnel
  • Tedious and complex operations in absence of integrated system
  • Lack of timely reporting & analytics delaying decision-making

There is no surprise that WMD companies are looking for a better way – that helps them in dramatically reducing costs & bringing in efficiency.

Get Real-Time Visibility and Control Over Operations

With NetSuite, KPI is successful in delivering a solution that automates operations for drinking water manufacturers and distributors. This means increasing efficiency across all functions of the business like Production, Procurement & Inventory, Sales & Distribution, Mobile/Van Sales Management, Coupon Management, Customer Relationship Management, Vehicle Management, Human Resource Management, Accounting Management, Operational, Inventory & Financial Reporting, Asset Management (For all related items like Water Bottles, Water Coolers etc.), Household & Bulk Water Distribution Management etc.

NetSuite for WMD Companies

Experience Real Business Benefits

  • A single, fully integrated solution to manage your entire business across multiple subsidiaries
  • Complete 360-degree real-time visibility across all channels and touch-points
  • Real-time inventory visibility across all channels
  • A full-featured mobile application enabling easy sales management
  • Intelligent workflows for approval, pricing and discounting
  • Automating key processes and access to real-time information
  • Easy customization for specific requirements

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Transforming Your Water Manufacturing & Distribution Business

ManufacturingPlan production, manage inventory, and gain control over manufacturing processes on NetSuite. This enables you to gain end-to-end clarity across the complete production processes of water, water bottles, PET products and procurement of other items. Improve scheduling, work order management, cost analysis, exercise stringent control over your raw materials, products & processes across the production hierarchy.

Mobile Application for Field Sales – Achieve better operational efficiency with a custom designed Mobile App which is integrated with NetSuite. The Mobile App facilitates Field Sales Operations such as pre-orders, deliveries, payments and client records. Salespeople can easily perform tasks like feeding new customer details, planning delivery journey, accepting cash/coupon payments and more on the go. This information entered on the Mobile App is updated on NetSuite, on real-time. Other requests like bottle Lost/Found, Special Customer Requests etc. can also be recorded and tracked through the app. Mobile App functionalities include:

  • Load Out Acceptance
  • New Customer Creation
  • Journey Planning
  • Sales Order & Customer Payment acceptance via cash/coupons
  • Coupon Book Sales
  • Coupon Redemption – Select & Scan

Coupon Sales Management – Coupon Management made simpler & easier – Manage the entire stock of coupon books in the system, with real-time information. Perform tasks like assigning coupon books to the salespeople (at load-out stage), recording sale & return of coupons, linking employee and customer records. You can also create various coupon offers in the coupon master & generate digital coupons as well as comprehensive reports. Assign statuses to the coupon inventory like Available, Assigned to Salesperson, Sold to customer etc., provide load-out references; and scan coupons – all from NetSuite. End-to-End management of coupons across all stages from creation, sales, accounting, payment and billing.

Route Management – Allocation of customers to Routes based on customer locations. NetSuite’s intelligent system enables assigning salespeople, drivers and/or vehicles to a particular route and associate that route with the customers based on the records. The system allows you to get sales & profitability data based on route performance and generate route-specific reports & analytics.

Journey Planning – Automating home delivery operations from route to doorstep through an integrated mobile app. Salespeople/Drivers can use the application to plan the route of deliveries efficiently and better customer service. Journey can be planned according to customer preferences for delivery timings and delivery days. The route management could also be used as a tool to get proper directions of the destination points based on customer geo-location recorded in the Locations master in the system.

Financial Management – Financial management on NetSuite enables you to obtain up to date accounting information on a real-time basis for the entire business across multiple subsidiaries. Manage general Accounting, management Accounting, & fixed assets management and tax-based accounting. This is seamlessly integrated with the other functions and the mobile application which helps in tracking payables & receivables without making multiple entries. All sales orders, invoices, delivery notes and payments are captured in real-time and information is available at any time.

Reporting, Dashboards & Analytics – Run comprehensive reports like coupon sales reports, end-of-day settlement reports, asset count reports, and other customized reports. See the big picture with business-intelligence tools like role-based dashboards and useful analytics.

NetSuite for WMD Companies

NetSuite provides a rich array of actionable insights for specific business roles.

About KPI

With 80+ successful implementations across various scale and size of businesses, KPI’s team is capable of developing customized solutions and coherent business processes with extreme efficiency and expertise. Devising smart business solutions by combining years of experience and expertise of our team that includes:

  • Certified NetSuite Consultants
  • Auditors & Accountants
  • Business & Financial Advisors

KPI is an award-winning NetSuite Solution Provider and has been consistently serving clients in this space since 2014.

KPI was recognized for its commitment in helping businesses to increase productivity by excelling in process automation and solutioning through NetSuite implementation. In 2015, KPI was awarded the fastest-growing NetSuite Partner followed by 5-star NetSuite Solution Provider award in 2019.

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